Artist Statement 


I've always been fascinated with the industrial revolution and the products of mass production. What I find interesting is, that even in the age of the industrial revolution and mass production, people have a way of personalizing the object, of taking something mass produced and making it something unique and personal. In particular is the car. It is such a big part of our lives and our culture and our story. So much so, that getting one is a right of passage. My "Car Portraits" are aimed at conveying our individuality and our personal relationships with automobile. Going to car shows and talking with people about about their cars I hear these stories with so much love and nostalgia, the history and memories they have with their car. They talk about their cars like its a member of the family. This makes what I do so special for me and the car owner.The detail in my paintings helps convey that meaningful connection with the owner and those details can show some of what makes that car very specific to that owner. 



      AHC, Sacramento
           2018 Project:  40 landscape pastel drawings


Alamo Danville Art Society Primavera Show, May 2012

         Honorable Mention award

Alamo Danville Art Society Inside Art Show June 2013

         Blue Ribbon Merit award

Valley Art Gallery, "Slopes of Diablo" Competition, May 2016


Valley Art Gallery

1661 Botelho Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94696