Artist Statement and bio


It has taken me a number of years to find my style of painting or rather to accept openly that I like a photorealistic style of painting. It offers me the chance to really get into a subject and explore its nooks and crannies. I want to find the story that’s hidden in the details and that can’t be done in an impressionistic style.

Living here in the bay area everyone is about impressionism and being loose and spontaneous. Though I followed with that tradition and love some of the things that other people do I just didn’t bring me the satisfaction that I enjoy now with doing high level of realism. I guess that’s part of the journey of being an artist and that’s finding yourself and accepting what you find.

When I look at the painters that have influenced me the most there is Andrew Wyeth. I love his attention to detail his dry brush technique brings out so much richness in his subjects. I love the Dutch landscape painters. That is what had me doing landscapes in the first place.

Marc Trujillo from southern California. I love his take on the everyday scenery that has a sense of irony. Francis Di Fronzo is an east-coast artist that uses trains and railcars as his main imagery. They are beautifully done and express something more than just being a painting of a train. Robert Bechtle a San Francisco artist and teacher does these great images of city streets that are just sublime. The feel is a matter of fact view of what he sees but also having a quiet moment feel. Again the picture conveys more than just an image. Richard Estes from New York City does these cityscapes that are ballsy. The imagery is complex and detailed and full of depth. The viewer can get lost in his works for a long time. These are some of features that I look to bring forth in my own work.




How I got here

I was a drafting major in High school. It was the only class that I got  strait  A's. When I went to Community college I discovered fine arts and discovered the creative process.  I bounced around for many years going to different Community colleges colleges in Boston and San Francisco then more painting classes at San Francisco State University. I was even accepted to two art schools but I don't think I truly believed in myself as an artist until the early 2000s when I started coloring with my kids in coloring books and then doing paint-by-numbers. That's when I remembered how much I liked doing art. I took a few local Adult Ed courses. I wanted to try Watercolor and it was fun and challenging but it didn't quite fit. I wanted a richer color saturation and so I am doing oils and loving it.




Alamo Danville Art Society Primavera Show, May 2012

         Honorable Mention award

Alamo Danville Art Society Inside Art Show June 2013

         Blue Ribbon Merit award

Valley Art Gallery, "Slopes of Diablo" Competition, May 2016


Valley Art Gallery

1661 Botelho Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94696